A little glimpse …

cheri christenson -on keyboardI started piano at a very young age, I was 5 years old when I had my first lesson and even though my mom thought my hands were too small to play piano, it didn’t take me long to prove her wrong. I was classically trained through college and have been part of many musical groups that have helped me expand and deepen my understanding of sonic expression.

My piano teacher was very special to me and opened up a whole new world when she brought the magic of music into my life. I now have been teaching piano since High School and really enjoy being able to bring that magic of music into my students lives.

Cheri Christenson, colors and chordsMy art started much later in life.  I had a college roommate that got me interested in painting, and I dabbled in it for many years as a hobby.  Oil is how I started but with a lot a personal patience and little guidance from local artist Doris Rice, I fell in love with watercolor. Most of my work starts as watercolor, but then morphs into either mixed media or digital art.  I take a lot of inspiration from Kandinsky using music to fuel my art, melding my world of music with my world of art.  Many people say that you can “hear” my art, creating a symphony for the eyes.  As a self taught artist, I am blessed to say my art is no longer just a hobby.

Many evenings you can find me on the Maine seacoast with my Chihuahua, Chica and my husband, Kevin watching the sunset as we stroll the beach.  They are my wonderful support system and my biggest fans!

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